Art Anywhere Association


Ozlem in Sirkhane from Her Yerde Sanat on Vimeo.

ART ANYWHERE is an association run by volunteers to bring art to the masses. Art Anywhere means: art can be anywhere and it should be accessible for everyone. That’s why most of the activities that we organize are in the streets, neighborhoods, and in the villages. Since 2011, Art Anywhere has organized many events, projects, workshops, festivals in and around Mardin to benefit the local community, especially its youth and children. As a non-governmental organization we are cooperating with other NGO’s such as Mardin Cinema Association, Mesopotamia Culture Association also public schools, local municipalities, museums and youth center. Our association is a base for many youngsters from the neighborhood to socialize with each other; also they are actively taking part in all the activities.

The international festivals, projects, workshops, and demonstrations Art Anywhere has produced are so important for the youth, and in turn the whole community. Our events are held outside so anyone can participate. Events like these are rare, and as we parade, play music, and perform circus acts, a crowd forms. The whole community comes together to witness the brilliant creative spectacle of circus and an explosion of performance and song.